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1 a surface burn [syn: singe]
2 a plant disease that produces a browning or scorched appearance of plant tissues
3 a discoloration caused by heat


1 make very hot and dry; "The heat scorched the countryside" [syn: sear]
2 become superficially burned; "my eyebrows singed when I bent over the flames" [syn: sear, singe]
3 destroy completely by or as if by fire; "The wildfire scorched the forest and several homes"; "the invaders scorched the land"
4 burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color; "The cook blackened the chicken breast"; "The fire charred the ceiling above the mantelpiece"; "the flames scorched the ceiling" [syn: char, blacken]
5 become scorched or singed under intense heat or dry conditions; "The exposed tree scorched in the hot sun"

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  1. A slight or surface burn
  2. A discolouration caused by heat
  3. Brown discoloration on the leaves of plants caused by heat, lack of water or by fungi


A slight or surface burn
A discolouration caused by heat
Brown discoloration on the leaves of plants caused by heat, lack of water or by fungi


  1. To burn the surface of something so as to discolour it
  2. To wither, parch or destroy something by heat or fire, especially to make land or buildings unusable to an enemy
  3. To become scorched or singed
  4. To move at high speed (so as to leave scorch marks on the ground)


To burn the surface of something so as to discolour it
To wither, parch or destroy something by heat or fire
To become scorched or singed
To move at high speed

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abrade, abrasion, air-dry, anhydrate, assail, attack, attaint, bake, ball the jack, bark, barrel, be in heat, bedaub, besmear, besmirch, besmoke, bestain, blacken, blaze, blemish, blister, bloody, bloom, blot, blur, boil, boom, bowl along, brand, break, breeze, breeze along, broil, brush, burn, burn in, burn off, cast, castigate, cauterize, chafe, char, check, chip, choke, claw, clip, coal, combust, concussion, cook, crack, crackle, craze, cupel, cure, cut, cut along, darken, daub, dehumidify, dehydrate, desiccate, dirty, discolor, drain, dry, evaporate, excoriate, exsiccate, fire, flame, flame up, flare, flare up, flash burn, flay, fleet, flicker, flit, flush, fly, fly low, foot, found, fracture, fray, frazzle, fret, fry, fustigate, gall, gash, gasp, glow, go fast, highball, hurt, incandesce, incise, incision, injure, injury, insolate, kiln, lacerate, laceration, lash, lesion, maim, make knots, make mincemeat of, mark, mat burn, maul, melt, mortal wound, mummify, mutilate, mutilation, nip, outstrip the wind, oxidate, oxidize, pant, parch, pierce, plot, pour it on, puncture, pyrolyze, radiate heat, rend, rent, rip, roast, rub, run, rupture, savage, scald, scarify, scathe, scotch, scourge, scrape, scratch, scuff, sear, second-degree burn, seethe, shimmer with heat, shrivel, simmer, singe, sizzle, skim, skin, skin alive, slash, slit, slubber, slur, smear, smirch, smoke, smolder, smother, soak up, soil, solder, sore, spark, speed, sponge, sprain, stab, stab wound, stain, steam, stew, stick, stifle, stigmatize, storm along, strain, suffocate, sun, sun-dry, sunburn, sunscald, swab, sweat, sweep, swelter, swinge, taint, tarnish, tear, tear along, third-degree burn, thunder along, toast, torrefy, towel, trauma, traumatize, trounce, vesicate, vulcanize, weazen, weld, whisk, whiz, windburn, wipe, wither, wizen, wound, wounds immedicable, wrench, zing, zip, zoom
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